Health Ranger thanks you for the outpouring of support over the Thanksgiving weekend

Monday, November 27, 2017 by

Despite all the outrageous censorship that’s now routinely aimed at the independent media, Natural News readers just helped set a new sales record for the Health Ranger Store over the Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you for voting for us with your discretionary purchase dollars!

Our warehouse staff is scrambling today, filling the thousands of orders that came pouring in thanks to your support. Please have patience with our fulfillment process because our warehouse is run by real people, not robots.

Now, thanks to your generous support, we have the financial support to continue our mission as promised. Some of what’s coming in 2018, thanks to your support:

  • The opening of our new, vastly larger organic manufacturing and fulfillment warehouse, which allows us to accept tractor trailer-sized volumes of raw materials for manufacturing. This will increase economies of scale in our operation and ultimately lead to lower prices to you.
  • The launching of our “Lab Verified” label certification program in Q1, 2018, which will offer 3rd party lab certification for off-the-shelf products, confirming products are free from heavy metals and pesticides. CBD quantification certification is also being launched for CBD-related products.
  • The expansion of our video studio, with lots of exciting improvements coming later in 2018 that will no doubt surprise you.
  • The completion of our highly-anticipated “Biosludged” feature film, due out in 2018, which exposes the mass pollution of our soils with human sewage sludge.
  • The steady expansion of our writing, editing and research staff. We’ve just brought on another 12 – 15 people for a new project we’ll be announcing soon.
  • The expansion of our academic news sources to beyond 1,300, and new staff who monitor academic and science journal news announcements for all the daily news that impacts your life.
  • The launching of many new websites, mini-documentaries, video interviews and content projects.

In other words, we put your dollars to work! Every dollar you spend at the Health Ranger Store goes toward helping us achieve these important science and content goals for humanity. Together, we’re literally creating a better world, with more honest food labeling, reduced chemical contamination, the avoidance of toxic heavy metals and vastly increased scientific transparency. (And remember, we receive NO funding from government, universities or industry, which means we are truly 100% independent.)

The medical status quo tried to destroy us, but you have made us a champion of medical and scientific truth. With your support, we continue our mission of transparency, independent science and a true revolution for all. Thank you again for choosing to support our important work. I commit to doing everything in my power to help bring you the most cutting-edge wisdom on nutrition, self-reliance, preparedness, natural cures and the expansion of human consciousness. Thanks to your help, 2018 is going to be our most amazing year yet.

Thank you again for your outpouring of support. We know you always have a choice of where to spend your dollars, and myself and all the other people here work very hard to prove to you why choosing to shop with us ultimately comes back to you ten times over in terms of knowledge, wisdom, content and independent science. We could not function without your support, and thanks to your repeat purchases, we never have to “beg” for money or donations. (Isn’t that nice?) Every time you have a choice of where to make a purchase, please consider the Health Ranger Store as your first option. We’re constantly expanding the product line, too, with more products for your home, first aid, nutrition, storable food, etc.

Stay healthy and free,

– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger



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