Health Ranger video update: Counterthink, REAL video, store expansion, lab instruments and more

Monday, April 30, 2018 by

I’ve just posted a video update on several of the projects under way to help promote liberty, freedom and lifelong health. See the video below to learn:

  • An update on the launch of, the “YouTube alternative” that supports free speech.
  • Details on the completed expansion of the Health Ranger Store (and upcoming GMP certification).
  • New “triple quad” mass spec instrument addition to the laboratory.
  • Many new websites have been launched and are hosting extraordinary content, such as,,, and more. Coming soon: and many others.
  • Exclusive viewings of documentaries coming to after its July launch.
  • Updates on the extreme censorship efforts of YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Comments on “Hetop,” Starbucks and engineered intolerance / racism in society.
  • A plan to bring back a real platform for comedy and satire via

Watch here:




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